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What do the committees in BSC Offer?

Business School Council has multiple committees. Our committees consist of Administration, Activities, DEI, Finance, Marketing, Professional Development, Special Events. Each of these committees offer tasks to their members in which prepares our members for their academic and professional future.

What is the Time Commitment?

Business School Council meets for 1 hour each week with an additional hour to meet with your committee. Additionally, each member must complete a Professional Development, Social, and Philanthropy credit each semester. 

How has BSC Benefitted you?

Each member within BSC may have a different answer but mainly is what you put in is what you can get. Overall, it is a great way to build connections and be a part of a great community.

How do you join BSC?

Applications open in the Beginning of each Fall and Spring Semester. If further selected, the application will proceed to a mixer and then an Interview.

Are there leadership opportunities?

Yes! After becoming a member, you can apply to become a director for a VP of a committee. Afterwards, you can apply to become a VP.

What is the culture in BSC?

Each member within BSC may have a different answer but the culture is friendly yet everyone is ambitious and feedback oriented. The way we improve as an organization is receiving feedback. As an organization, we welcome everyone!

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